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IAS "1-DU"

  The Republican information-analytical system that provides for the collection and processing in electronic form of information about pre-school education institutions, other institutions and organizations that, in accordance with the law, are given the right to carry out educational activities when they implement a pre-school education program, an educational program of special education for level of preschool education, educational program of special education at the level of preschool education A failure of persons with intellectual, which is submitted to the registration form of preschool education institutions (form "Ulik ustanov dashkolnay adukatsyi") - IAS "1-control

The system consists of 4 subsystems that implement the functions of conducting statistical reporting in the form Ulik ustanov dashkolay adukatsy and creating the corresponding data banks at the following levels:

In this section, software and documentation for the first three levels, license keys for each institution of preschool education are available for download.

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Up-to-date information

  IAS "1-DU" software version 3.18. * - are relevant (last year version does not require updating ).

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Preschool Level

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