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RAS "E-education. General secondary education

Purpose of the System

Republican automated system Electronic education. General secondary education is intended to increase the efficiency of collection and processing of statistical reporting in the system of general secondary education, introduce effective mechanisms for monitoring its reliability, and expand the spectrum of analytical information. The system is aimed at providing statistical information, as well as the results of its processing to the republican government bodies, local executive and administrative bodies, interested organizations.
The main users of the system are:
- government bodies;
- Institution The Main Information and Analytical Center of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus;
- Education Department of Regional Executive Committees, Education Committee of Minsk City Executive Committee;
- departments (management) of education, paradise (mountains) of executive committees;
- educational institutions.

System Composition

The system is a multi-level hierarchical distributed complex of software and information resources. Includes the following subsystems:
1. Institutional Directory Editor.
2. E-education. General secondary education.
3. Website E-education. Statistical Reporting.
4. Information and analytical subsystem.
5. The editor of the information warehouse.

Information collection and processing scheme

Description of Subsystems

Subsystem "Institutional Directory Editor" subsystem
It is intended for use in the education departments (departments) of paradise (mountains) of executive committees and ensures the formation of a complete and reliable directory of all educational institutions of the Republic of Belarus. An automated procedure for filling and providing directories of subordinate educational institutions involves the following actions:
- downloading the software Directory Editor and the preliminary directory from the site Electronic Education. General secondary education;;
- editing the preliminary directory in the software "Directory Editor";
- printing of the edited reference book on paper for transmission to the SIAC of the Ministry of Education;
- uploading the edited reference to the site E-education. Statistical Reporting.
Based on the data of the directory of educational institutions, a unique passport is formed for each institution, which is used in the preparation of primary data in the subsystem General secondary education. Statistical reporting.

Subsystem E-education. General secondary education

Designed for use in educational institutions and provides input indicators of primary forms and data transfer to a higher organization. Functionality:
1. Input of primary data.
2. Checking for errors.
3. Saving data for transfer to a higher organization.
4. Printing primary forms.
It is possible to use paradise (mountains) of executive committees in the departments (departments) of education for the operational adjustment of primary data on educational institutions.

Website E-Education. Statistical reporting
Designed for information support to users of the System, the presentation of summary statistical information on the Internet, both in the public domain and for authorized users. Website Features:
- placement of information materials for users of the System in the form of a news feed;
- posting materials for download (software subsystems "Institutional Directory Editor", "E-education. General secondary education", user manuals, electronic forms to fill out, newsletters, etc.);
- user authorization in your account;
- uploading to the site (in the information storage) a directory of educational institutions, primary statistical data;
- viewing and downloading regulated summary reports for various users of the System;
- View primary statistics for a particular educational institution.

Information and Analytical Subsystem
Designed for use in the institution "Main Information and Analytical Center of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus" and provides:
- multivariate analysis of data stored in the information storage of the System;
- Preparation of standard and non-regulatory reports for educational authorities at all levels.
It is hosted on the central server of the System.

Subsystem Information Storage Editor
Designed for use in the institution "Main Information and Analytical Center of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus" and provides:
- management of the content and structure of the information warehouse;
- the formation of classifiers and directories common to all subsystems.

The necessary technical support

Subsystem "Institutional Directory Editor" subsystem
To create a directory of educational institutions, a personal computer with the Windows XP operating system and above is required.

Subsystem E-education. General secondary education

To fill out the primary data, you need a personal computer with the operating system Windows XP and higher.
Data transmission to a higher governing body may be carried out using:
1. Email.
2. An external storage medium (floppy disk, CD, flash drive).

To download data to the information storage and receive summary reports, you need access to the Internet (website For correct work with the system, you need a web browser Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0 and higher.