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DB about children with OPFR

The software DB on children with OPFR is designed to automate the process of creating and maintaining computerized data banks of children with special needs in psychophysical development who need special education. The software DB for Children with OPFR provides the ability to create and maintain these data banks at the republican, regional and district levels, as well as at the level of a particular educational institution.

In the general case, computer data banks on children with OPFR provide the ability to quickly obtain information about children of a particular category in the context of any set of acceptable values ​​of indicators contained in primary registration cards. And this, in turn, makes it possible to plan the adoption of necessary measures for the rehabilitation, social protection, special education of such children, as well as make other informed decisions both in the republic as a whole and in individual regions, institutions, categories of children, etc. .

Software Description of the application of the database on children with OPFR Journal of OE Region Magazine OE DISTRICT Letter Order Pilot Program Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0