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The exhibition "Universe of the Internet"

The exhibition "Universe of the Internet" The exhibition "Universe of the Internet" opened in the children's branch of the Grodno regional library named after E. F. Karsky. The event is organized by MTS together with the Ministry of education and The United Nations Children's Fund and is aimed at forming students ' knowledge about the rules of safe behavior in the Network.
The exhibition "Universe of the Internet" consists of six interactive zones where children learn about the history of the Internet, learn basic techniques for protecting personal data and network etiquette. In the form of a game, students learn how to create strong passwords for their accounts, learn what information about themselves can not be placed in social networks and how to protect gadgets from malware.
In addition, students take a survey on the topic of cyberbullying at one of the stands. The results of the study will be aimed at improving the safety of children in the Network.
"The Internet is a unique space that is a great source of new knowledge. It permeates all areas of our life. At the same time, the most vulnerable category, which is affected by both the positive and negative impact of the Global network, are children. The younger generation does not always understand that the problems they may face in the Internet space are no less dangerous than in the real world. Therefore, together with MTS, we organized the exhibition " Universe of the Internet ", which is aimed at teaching safe behavior of schoolchildren in the Network. We plan to develop this project in the next year, " said Yuriy Kruglik, Director of the MIAC of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus.
"The Internet today plays an important informational and social role, and children have long felt part of this environment. Taking into account this involvement, it is important to teach children to use this resource correctly. For this purpose, the exhibition "Universe of the Internet " was created, the format of which allows students to communicate information about cybersecurity and rules of network etiquette in a playful way. MTS as a socially responsible company, developing technologies, strives to make them safe for children, " said Victoria Zdyarskaya, Head of the MTS PR group.
"Universe of the Internet "  first was opened in the National library in September 2018, then moved to Gomel. This summer, more than 4,000 schoolchildren from 22 countries visited it at the Zubrenok children's camp. In November, the exhibition will be completed in Glubokoe, Vitebsk region. In total, the exhibition was visited by about 11,000 children.