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The exhibition "Universe of the Internet" earned in the camp "Zubrenok"

The exhibition "Universe of the Internet" earned in the camp "Zubrenok" Guided tours for children will be held throughout all shifts. Not only Belarusian, but also foreign students will learn about the rules of safe behavior on the Web: children from 22 countries of the world Russia, Lithuania, Latvia, Syria, China, Japan and others will come to rest in the camp.

To teach children the basic knowledge of safe Internet consumption and social networking, as well as to consciously use modern technologies, are the main goals of the Internet Universe project. This is a joint initiative of MTS Belarus, the Ministry of Education with the support of the SIAC of the Ministry of Education and the UNICEF Children's Fund, which aroused great interest among children, teachers and parents. That is why we decided to open an exhibition in the largest in Belarus children's educational and health center Zubrenok, so that even during the holidays even more children could get acquainted with the rules that are important for each of them. In the future, as planned, the exhibition will continue to move to the regional centers of the country, said Nikolai Bulash, head of the commercial department of MTS.

The Universe of the Internet" consists of six interactive zones. Each of the thematic blocks explains how to use antivirus programs, generate strong passwords, communicate correctly on the Internet, including with strangers, and what information about yourself cannot be posted on social networks. In addition, students undergo a survey on cyberbullying, which allows us to assess the situation in this area.
Today we all cannot imagine life without the Internet, so it is so important that new technologies are safe first of all for children. I am sure that the exhibition will help children understand important issues and teach them how to use the Internet and communicate online. I thank MTS for their initiative. This project will be very useful for the younger generation. The Universe of the Internet will work with us all summer, and Im sure that the guys who come to us for a vacation will learn a lot of new and useful information, said Nadezhda Onufrieva, director of the Zubrenok National Children's Education and Health Center.

The Universe of the Internet exhibition was opened in Minsk at the National Library in September 2018, and in March 2019 it moved to Gomel. During the work, the exposition was visited by more than 6 thousand children. At the beginning of the school year, the Universe of the Internet will work in Grodno.

The Internet Universe is a continuation of the Children on the Internet project, in the framework of which Internet literacy classes for junior high school students are held throughout the country. In total, over 9 thousand schoolchildren were trained in safe behavior on the Web during the Children on the Internet project.